San Diego, California

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The Experience

Welcome to Diverge Personal Training Gym. San Diego’s first personal training gym designed with two distinctively different exercise modalities. We cater to individuals who are looking for something different from their exercise programs – but are not willing to sacrifice results. In fact, the diversity our gym offers will invigorate your exercise routine and you will achieve better results than you ever have. You have choices at Diverge.

We want to push the boundaries of exercise with our two-pronged approach to exercise. Each room offers unique and essential benefits to your fitness goals – this is a true complete workout. If you truly want to achieve your fitness goals, Diverge is your personal training gym.

Not only does Diverge deliver the most complete workout in San Diego. Our personal training gym offers full bathrooms with showers, complimentary towels and water, plenty of cardio equipment and most importantly a comfortable atmosphere in a luxurious private setting.

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